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How many hours will you work?

I book only one wedding a day and don't count the hours. Every wedding is a unique story and I work together with the couple to plan how to best utilize my skills. Typically, I'm shooting between 5-8 hours. I arrive a couple of hours before the ceremony and I will continue into the reception hours.

How do I book you for my wedding?

A wedding will be considered booked when a completed contract and a $500 retainer have been accepted. After which, I will create an event online and be in contact as your wedding approaches.

When do we pay you?

The full payment, less the retainer, is due no later than the wedding day. Upon request, credit cards can be accepted.

Will you travel?

Most definitely. I'll go anywhere. Travel outside of a 75-mile radius of Traverse City, Michigan will be charged travel expenses dependent on the destination. Travel of more than 3 hours from Traverse City will be billed for overnight lodging. The final price will include the cost of travel.

What if you get sick?

I take many precautions during the wedding season to ensure that I don't miss a day. I do have a network of photographers whom I'm in contact with and I will make every effort to find a suitable replacement to cover your wedding. In the extremely unlikely event that I am unable to cover your wedding due to events beyond my control, and I cannot find a replacement, I will refund all money exchanged to that point.

How many pictures will you take during my wedding?

I don't count. My goal is to make every image I take the best image I've ever taken. For a typical wedding, I will shoot around 600 photos. I will then edit the day down to ensure the highest quality images will be presented to you. I eliminate the repetitive, miss-fires and actions shots that didn't quite get captured. In the end, over 40o images are hosted on my Pictage studio.

How do I view my photos online?

Through my online gallery studio. This allows for online viewing and ordering.

Can I keep the negatives/originals?

Yes, a CD or DVD of the event is included in the price and will be sent to the bride and groom 6 months after the wedding day.

If I have those files, can I make my own prints instead of ordering from you?

Yes, a personal usage release will accompany the originals. However I can not guarantee any prints not made from my professional studio.

Can we tell you what photos to take?

I do not work from a list. After booking the date, I will sit down with the couple and discuss what they envision for the coverage of their wedding. I will want to know any special relationships and how the events will unfold. I do not plan on staging events or directing action. If the couple plan a wedding full of events that they want to participate in, then the beautiful and interesting images will present themselves.

Do you take group shots ?

I will take group shots upon request. The best time for this is after the wedding and before the reception. These are not the traditional posed formals. Also, between the ceremony and the reception I suggest that the bride and groom take 15 to 30 minutes alone (with me in tow), away from the crowd and doing something they want to do and reflects their personality.

Do you shoot black and white, color, or both?

The advantage of shooting digital is that any photo can be printed black and white. I will convert some images to B&W, but you have a choice when ordering through Pictage for any image being black & white.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with two digital SLR cameras. I mix up my lenses, but typically have a 17-35mm f2.8 on one camera and either a 85mm f2.8 or 70-200mm f2.8 on the other. I love to shoot with standard lens, my current favorite being the 35mm f2

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